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Marcomani map

Marcomanni Scenario

It is AD 172, Marcus Aurelius has led a Roman Army across the Danube after having relieved the towns of northern Italy which had been besieged by the Marcomannic coalition led by Ballomar.


Ballomar has withdrawn in face of the Roman advance, taking with him the loot from the previous campaign. On reaching home territory he is reinforced by a contingent of Sarmatian Iazyges and decides to take advantage of the familiar terrain to attack the Romans.


Learning of the German advance, the Romans deploy from their camp in a relatively open area of what otherwise is heavily wooded and hilly terrain. Their scouts report a large column of Germans approaching along to their front but there are indications that other groups of barbarians may be approaching through the woods along different routes.


Table layout.

Heavily wooded as below (grid in 1 foot squares). Note that the position of the woods may not be absolutely exact and there may be one or two copses scattered in the open area. The Roman Camp is on a low hill with the Romans deployed in line in front of it.








Marcus Aurelius, General

Marcus Maximianus, Cavalry Commander

Claudius Pompeianus, Infantry Commander



1 unit of 4 Swordsmen, Armoured, A Grade

1 unit of 5 Swordsmen, Armoured, A Grade

1 unit of 3 Swordsmen, Armoured, A Grade

1 unit of 2 Swordsmen, Armoured, A Grade

2 Artillery B Grade.



2 units of 2 Javelinmen, Armoured, C Grade

3 units of 2 Javelinmen, C Grade

1 unit of 4 Missile Troops, C Grade



2 units of 2 Auxiliary Heavy Cavalry, B Grade

1 unit of 1 Eq. Singularis, Heavy Cavalry, A Grade

1 unit of Dalmatian Light Cavalry, C Grade

1 unit of Syrian Horse Archers, C Grade


Deployment: The Roman Camp is on a low hill with the Romans deployed in front of it up to 1 foot in from the table edge no closer than 1 foot to each table end

Marcomanni Organised into 2 German commands and 1 independent Sarmatian Contingent



1 General (Ballomar)

2 Subordinates (Ariogaesus and Hermeric)

5 units of 4 Warriors, C Grade

2 units of 2 Warriors, Armoured, B Grade

1 unit of 3 Skirmishers, C Grade

1 unit of Heavy Cavalry, Armoured, B Grade

1 Baggage Train



Zanticus Independent Contingent Commander

1 unit of 2 Lancers, Armoured, B Grade

2 units of 2 Lancers, B Grade

2 units of 4 Horse Archers, C Grade,

1 unit of 3 Dacian Skirmishers, C Grade,


Deployment: 2-3 columns. One column must enter at point 1 and must include both Ballomar and the baggage. Others can enter along any of points 1-4.  The head of the column entering on 1 may enter at the start of the 1st turn. Columns entering on  2, 3 or 4 must roll a D6 arriving on a roll of 4-6,  Columns on 3 or 4 need 5-6. +1 each subsequent turn for all die rolls.


This scenario is written for Civitates Bellatorum but it can be adapted to any set of rules. It can easily be played with Comitatus as well. Even though it is slightly before the official period of  those rules, the troop types are all covered.